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Peace trap laid for Chandrika
The Sri Lankan government, in a power struggle with the island’s President, said today it may ask her to take over a peace process with Tamil rebels if she does not reverse a decision to sack three ministers. ...  | Read.. 
Iraq vow on date with power
Iraq’s foreign minister promised today to keep to a US timetable towards sovereign government as another American soldier’s death added to the pressure for a handover of powe ...  | Read.. 
Too close for Saudi royal comfort
Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef and some other Saudi royals have private homes near the housing compound ripped apart by suspected al Qaida suicide bombers in Riyadh tod ...  | Read.. 
Arafat wins in cabinet deal
Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie today announced a deal to form a new government that would keep security powers key to a US-backed peace plan under President Yasser Ar ...  | Read.. 
President Chandrika Kumaratunga
Girl for Sophie
Afghan title
Mail menace
Fertility suit
Charles weighs suit on private life slur
The Prince of Wales has instructed a leading firm of London solicitors to examine the case for legal..  | Read.. 
Laden relative lists veil woes
A sister-in-law of the world’s most wanted terrorist leader has described her life in Saudi Arabia ..  | Read.. 
Japan close to two-party system
Japan, dominated by a single conservative party for nearly ...  | Read..