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Mayor veto leaves roads dug up, dark

Bijoy Kumar Biswas: Roads of the ward need immediate attention. Potholes are never filled, most of the roads have not been repaired in years and the kutcha streets have not been relaid. The lights on the streets are not maintained, either. A fused bulb takes more than six months to be replaced...

As I have mentioned earlier, the CMC would earlier allow projects to be handed out on contract. Now, it has asked us strictly not to employ contractors. The CMC has given us six workers but they cannot handle such big projects. I have asked the mayor to allow me to hand out contracts to repair and relay roads to a private contractor. We have got to dig stretches of roads to repair water pipelines and that, too, contributes to the problem. If we are allowed to give the job to contractors, most of the roads will be repaired. I am waiting for mayor Subrata Mukherjee response.

As for the streetlights, we are short of funds. The lights have been installed on a temporary basis, as we have not been able to put up Corporation poles. You have mentioned that other wards have sodium vapour lights they can afford to, because they have the infrastructure. In our case, we are trying to put up as many lights as possible at a minimum cost, as we do not have lights on every street. Apart from that, I have requested Subratababu to give us poles for street lights. Time and again, however, he has refused and told me there is no stock in store. In fact, he will not even issue us enough funds to take care of the problem.

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