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Chambers suspended

London: European champion Dwain Chambers was suspended with immediate effect on Friday after UK Athletics confirmed that a positive test for the designer steroid THG was supported by the results of his B test.

“UK Athletics can today confirm the adverse finding for Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), an anabolic agent, in a urine sample given by Dwain Chambers in an out-of-competition test conducted by the IAAF on 1 August 2003,” a statement said.

“The B sample analysis has been conducted and confirms the finding in the A sample. Dwain Chambers has now been suspended by the IAAF pending the result of a hearing before an independent Disciplinary Committee.

“It is inappropriate for UK Athletics to make any further public comment in relation to this case until it has been considered by the independent Disciplinary Committee at a disciplinary hearing — the date for this hearing has yet to be set.”

Chambers’ lawyer Graham Shear said he was preparing a statement but had no immediate comment.

Chambers, who denies knowingly taking the drug or intending to cheat in any way, will now put his case as to why he tested positive for the steroid with an out-of-competition sample taken on while training in Germany.

However athletics operates a “strict liability” policy and the 25-year-old is almost certain to be banned for a minimum of two years. (Reuters)

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