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Lanka showdown looms
A showdown loomed in Sri Lanka’s bitter political crisis as the embattled Prime Minister headed home to confront a President who made a power grab while he was overseas and threatened the peace he built with Tamil rebels. ...  | Read.. 
Nursery rhymes stir macho man’s Mystic music
The Hollywood macho man’s love of music was stirred anew as he improvised tunes to nursery rhymes on the piano to amuse himself while entertaining his children. ...  | Read.. 
BAT to quit Myanmar
The world’s second-biggest tobacco group, British American Tobacco (BAT), bowed to UK government pressure to pull out of Myanmar today after international criticism of the As ...  | Read.. 
Media sings new tune on Chandrika overnight
After nearly two years of criticising President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Sri Lanka’s state-run media shifted allegiance sharply today after she sacked the island’s media minist ...  | Read.. 
A picture of Miss World Canada, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, who will become the first unofficial representative of Iran at the Miss World contest to be held ...  | Read
If men can, why can’t Aguilera'
Christina Aguilera is fuming. What’s so wrong with wearing skimpy outfits and making raunchy videos..  | Read.. 
Howard crowned as Tory leader
Britain’s opposition Conservative Party ushered in veteran former minister Michael Howard as its ne..  | Read.. 
Ebadi gets bodyguard after death threats
Iran has provided a bodyguard for Nobel Peace Prize winner ...  | Read.. 

Atal anxious
President Chandrika Kumaratunga has phoned Prime Minister A ...  | Read.. 

Court allows action against key Yukos shareholder
A Russian court upheld a request by Moscow prosecutors to s ...  | Read.. 

Militant suicide in Mecca chase
At least one Muslim militant blew himself up during a polic ...  | Read.. 

Taliban threat to Musharraf
As Pakistani troops continue to track down al Qaida and ...  | Read..