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How infinite in faculties...

Art has no bounds, just as it has no restrictions in its modes of expression. The artist in a man can manifest itself in multifarious ways, and no less is it evident in Biswajit Mukherjee’s recent exhibition on his unique interpretation of the kantha art of Bengal. Kantha is a traditional art form of Bengal, which depicts folk and religious tales through its colourful and delicate emblems. Biswajit aspires, and succeeds wonderfully, to take this art form into the higher echelons of perfection. In fact, he has tried to amalgamate various art forms of India into his creations, to enrich his embroidery. It is amazing to see how imagination and skill could have produced such a happy marriage in Biswajit’s works, which, interestingly, can also be used as wall hangings and shawls. This Santiniketan-bred artist proves, above everything else, that inspiration can be drawn from various sources. But its fruition depends on its application. And Biswajit comes up trumps in both.

When: Till November 9; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts, Central Gallery

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