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Jailbreak duo fobs cops off Kima tracks

Where is Baitha Kima'

From Sheikh Binod to Chaitanya Pal, from the CID to the district police, no one seems to have the answer. And the cops are increasingly veering to the view that the two fugitives now in their custody are trying to mislead them.

For the past two days, both Pal and Binod have been interrogated to try and locate Baitha Kima, but both have been giving conflicting answers. Chaitanya maintains that immediately after the September 25 Dum Dum Central jailbreak, Baitha remained with Binod, since he failed to pay the gangster “his fees”.

This statement from Pal raised CID hopes of getting to Kima, the druglord from Myanmar, arrested from a rented apartment belonging to former CBI joint director Upen Biswas.

After his arrest, however, Binod declared that Kima had parted ways the day of the jailbreak itself. “I have no idea where he is now,” was all he would declare.

Interrogations revealed that immediately after fleeing jail, the five convicts headed for Salt Lake in a private car that Pal had arranged. From Salt Lake, the five hired taxis and took different routes to shake off any trailing cops. “That was the last time I saw Kima. I haven’t heard of him since,” was what Binod told the CID officers during a brief interrogation at the CID headquarters in Bhabani Bhavan.

The CID is fuming over Binod’s “disclosure” insisting that there “are several conflicting versions in what he is telling us at the moment.”

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