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From the Studio of Mrs G

For Anita Gurbaxani, drawing and painting had always been a means of self-expression until she took to execution of designs for Hallmark cards. That was in the Seventies. Her artistic career took a backseat when she decided to complete her formal education and subsequently raise a family. In the Nineties, Gurbaxani was again drawn to the art world when she decided to experiment with a variety of techniques and mediums. Amrita Shergill and B. Prova are her sources of inspiration. An active participant at Birla Academy’s annual exhibitions, Gurbaxani runs a studio under the name, ‘From the Studio of Mrs G’. The ongoing exhibition, her first solo, showcases some 25 to 30 paintings based on Indian mythology and the essence of Indian life. Indian women, in particular, have been the muse for this collection. The framed pieces have been done both on paper and canvas. The paintings illustrate her deft use of a palette knife to paint in bold, vibrant colors in the Impasto style.

When: Till November 9; 4 pm - 8 pm

Where: Birla Academy of Art & Culture

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