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‘Why should doctors take the blame for the crumbling infrastructure and indisciplined staff'’
RG Kar Medical College ex-student

Keep-out frown, speak-up glare
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government on Monday took what it viewed as a giant step towards improving the healthcare system in the city — banning the media from hospital premises. “No country allows the media such access into hospitals,” said the chie...  | Read.. 
Fall guys in a furious world
They are supposed to be electricians, bringing power back to the emergency ward. They are supposed to be washermen, who can b...  | Read.. 
70 tonnes of litter in SSKM sweep
The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) removed 70 tonnes of garbage, including hazardous bio-medical waste, and a dozen str...  | Read.. 
Bypass skid life risk for air hostess
She left home early on Monday, for her customary jaunt in the clouds. Late on Monday, Rashmi Papney, 27, an air hostess with ...  | Read.. 
Cutting-edge treatment with crack crew
Bangalore facility looking at 300-bed super-speciality centre in city, with neurosurgery focus

And now for some heartening news amidst the gloom gripping the city's healthcare delivery system. Manipal Hospital, Bang ...  | Read.. 
Keep-out frown, speak-up glare
Hello, it's Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Roads to avoid
Super Lakshmi
Narrated in the form of a fairy tale, this play de...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
TabuYou have the potential to formulate policies and execute them as well. Emotions seldom ...Read.. 
Young Metro
12 to a German jamboree...  | Read.. 
West meets east and Passages are crafted
The slender, turquoise-eyed Margaret Jenkins breaks into an animated smile,...  | Read.. 

Court rap on road upkeep
The public works department (PWD) on Monday assured Calcutta High Court tha...  | Read.. 

Summit snub peeves guides
The 90-odd ‘approved tourist guides’ (ATGs) in Calcutta, certified by the U...  | Read.. 

Police remand for Binod
Gangster Sheikh Binod was produced in Alipore court on Monday, a day after ...  | Read.. 

Harmony, in chords & strings
Preserve, propagate and popularise. For the past quarter of a century, the ...  | Read.. 

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Tortured wife moves court to see child
I-T official in CBI bribe net
Run over
Diarrhoea death
Bank robber
Held for extortion
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