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Bush gets tangled in victory banner row
One of the most triumphant images of George W. Bush’s presidency — his dramatic landing on an aircraft carrier to declare an end to major combat in Iraq — has come back to haunt him six months later. ...  | Read.. 
Smoking ban has envoys fuming
Smoking diplomats, especially those from Russia, Mexico and the Czech Republic, baulked at a new ban against lighting up in UN headquarters and demanded secretary-general Kof ...  | Read.. 
Tories wield the broom
Veteran Right-winger and former minister Michael Howard launched a long-awaited bid today for the leadership of Britain’s flailing Conservative Party and pledged to head for ...  | Read.. 
Fog only hope for firefighters in California
Rain and incoming fog could help Californian firefighters tame voracious fires that have killed 20 people and devoured thousands of homes in their raging path. ...  | Read.. 
Gloria Estefan poses for photographers before the presentation of her new CD Unwrapped in Mexico City. (AFP)
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Connery settles fraud suit
Superstar Sean Connery has agreed to an “amicable resolution” of a $17-million fraud lawsuit he bro..  | Read.. 
Kremlin-business clash escalates
Russia blocked jailed tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky from selling his controlling stake in oil giant Y..  | Read.. 
Paul is a father again
Former Beatle Paul McCartney celebrated a double dose of go ...  | Read.. 

Mahathir gives a parting kick to Jews
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, speaking on the ...  | Read.. 

Sharif party leader held on ‘mutiny’ charge
Pakistani police have arrested a key Opposition leader, acc ...  | Read..