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Army ready to remove Arafat when ordered
The Israeli army is ready to “remove” Palestinian President Yasser Arafat if the government gives the order, the Jerusalem Post newspaper reported today, citing a senior military source. ...  | Read.. 
Starving together, starring together
Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman. There’s a lot of history there. Four Academy Awards and a combined 12 nominations cast a glow over their careers. ...  | Read.. 
US student visa
The US government plans to charge foreign students $100 for a tracking system created to prevent possible terrorists from using student visas to enter the country. ...  | Read.. 
Video catches teens honing skills to kill
Only six weeks before carrying out the Columbine High School massacre, two teenage gunmen went target practising and wondered what it would be like to shoot someone in the he ...  | Read.. 
J.K. Rowling with bagpipers at the northern Spanish town of Oviedo on Thursday. Rowling will receive an award from Spanish Crown Prince Felipe on Fri ...  | Read
Globocop runs into sheriff storm, son’s ‘Hey Bush’
Heckled inside the Australian parliament and jeered by protesters outside, President George W. Bush..  | Read.. 
Last Concorde: Memories take off
For celebrity commuters, Concorde was the ultimate status symbol — a transatlantic taxi that got yo..  | Read.. 
‘Discreet’ Iran says it has no more nuke secrets
Iran today acknowledged having been “discreet” about its nu ...  | Read.. 

UN plea to rich nations for Iraq cash
The UN and Iraq’s governing council appealed to wealthy nat ...  | Read..