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Up, up and away: When guards go missing from the scene
Burden of justice weighs heavy on innocent

The report ‘Hounded husband cries foul’ (Metro, September 24) exposes the bankruptcy of the country’s judicial system which labels an accused guilty until proven innocent, rather than the other way round.

It is extremely tragic that whenever a wife meets an unnatural death, the husband is automatically labelled as the murderer.

In the case of Nirmal Banerjee, the victimised husband, even the dying statement of his wife was not treated as proof of his innocence by the overactive state machinery. Banerjee has lost valuable years of his life in prison, his dignity, daughter and job for no fault of his.

The judiciary cannot now absolve itself from the guilt of its blunder by just letting Banerjee go free; alongwith the in-laws and the police, it should also apologise to Banerjee and see to it that he immediately gets his daughter and his job back.

Kajal Chatterjee.

Escape to freedom

Apropos the report ‘Five scale jail ladder to freedom’ (Metro, Sept 26), it is surprising how the infamous five could escape from under the watchful eyes of the guards. How could the jail authorities have appointed a person with criminal antecedents' Though the government has suspended the jailor, it will yield no result unless a probe is carried out.

Piyal Mukherjee,
Lake Town.


Cinema forms an integral part of our society (Four in one, more movie fun, Metro, Sept 25). This technically advanced theatre, Inox, will not only give an incentive to movie buffs to come out of their drawing rooms but will also give them quality viewing pleasure, which is highly essential to set the cash registers of halls ringing.

Kunal Ray,

Parched patients

The mayor brought the axe down on the water connection to ESI Hospital, Sealdah (Tap snap in tax drive, Metro, September 25). But depriving a hospital of water is a gross violation of human rights. It is actually the patients who suffer.

Sachindra Nath Mitra,

Collection drive

It is well-known that political parties thrive on donations (Partymen flout party whip on puja chanda, Metro, Sept 29). So it is natural that goons under their protection should take the same route to fill their pockets. Since the parties need their active participation during elections, no directive not to collect donations by force will work.

Rabindranath Kar,
Sankar Ghosh Lane.

New ball game

Pictures of Ajay Jadeja now adorn the posters of the movie Khel (Debutant duo, Metro, September 20). But given that his fascinating performances on the field are still fresh in the minds of cricket fans, he should not hang up his boots so soon.

Prahlad Agarwal,
Majdia, Nadia.

Pathological trick

Apropos the Metro report ‘Doctor in dock from jury seat’ (Sept 12), it is unethical for a witness for the accused to be in the jury as well. Moreover, only punitive measures will make pathologists alert about their responsibilities.

Govinda Bakshi,
Budge Budge.

Wheel of vigilance

It seems that the transport department has come out with a solution to stop the menace of faulty meters and excess fares (Fifth wheel to foil faulty taxi meter, Metro, September 19). Three cheers to the department for finally paying heed to our problems.

T.R. Anand,
Budge Budge Trunk Road.


A photograph appeared in Metro on September 30 with the caption mistakenly mentioning Mother’s Care Montessori. The photograph was of Prerna Montessori cum Playhouse.

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