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Marx vs miracle myth

The state CPM leadership on Monday said it would ask its affiliate rationalist groups and organisations propagating science to step up a campaign against miracles, including that of Monica Besra, who claims that Mother Teresa’s touch had cured a tumour in her stomach.

“We communists don’t believe in any kind of miracles or even the thought that they can occur. We will ask our groups dealing with science and scientific activities to step up a campaign against these things, including the miracle (curing Besra’s tumour) that is being talked about. We will carry out this campaign now and in future,” said Anil Biswas, state CPM secretary, at the party headquarters on Alimuddin Street.

He clarified, however, that such a campaign would neither denigrate Mother Teresa nor turn away international tourists from Calcutta and Bengal. Apparently surprised that the CPM-affiliated rationalists had not yet started such a campaign, Biswas said the party always had a scientific approach and could never encourage a belief in miracles.

He, however, made it clear that it was not the intention of the party to hurt the sentiments of believers. Asked specifically what he thought about the claim that Besra’s tumour was cured by Mother Teresa’s healing touch, Biswas described it as an “isolated” incident and said it was not the party’s intention to “break a belief”.

“People went to church in the former USSR. There are people who believe in miracles in our state, country and other parts of the world. We shall try to reach the people of Bengal and make them more aware about various aspects of science and convince them that there is no alternative to it,” said Biswas.

The state CPM chief added: “We are carrying out untiring campaigns against witch-hunting all over the state. Similarly, we shall carry out campaigns against miracles and everything that does not follow science.”

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