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A view through the third eye

All human beings are bestowed with the vision of the ‘Third Eye,’ of perception. This eye, otherwise invisible, is far more powerful and a storehouse of raw energy. In the case of gods and goddesses of the Indian pantheon, the third eye is always depicted prominently, its enigmatic presence emphasising the source of this storehouse of energy. It is therefore, appropriate to name an organisation ‘Third Eye’ where a band of talented and dedicated lensmen capture the essence of truth and beauty inherent in nature — all manifestations of our Creator's great love for us. Ordinary mortals often overlook or ignore these beautiful moments and then it is left to the blessed souls, people endowed with special vision of the 'third eye' to capture these sights for posterity. The organisation’s fifth ‘Photo Festival’ is currently on and it is amazing to witness how the members have captured an astonishing variety of human activities, from the sacred to the profane, in myriad moods, in their cameras. What really strikes the viewer is the participants’ keen sense of composition and a deep empathy with their subjects. The tonal quality of the photographs add to their visual richness.

When: Till October 19; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts, West, North and Central Galleries

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