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Stones roll off on DVD

London, Oct. 15 (Reuters): The Rolling Stones are off on tour to New York, London and Paris — but this time it is on DVD.

And fans of the rock veterans have a chance, thanks to state-of-the art technology, to get under their skin. The new five-hour Four Flicks music package, with more than 50 songs, offers “Select-A-Stone” shots, backstage passes and running commentaries on their “Licks” world tour which ended earlier this month.

While watching footage of concerts, fans can select an isolated camera shot of their favourite Stone.

The viewer can also cut back and forth to see what was happening backstage and even listen to the band talking about writing and recording the song currently being played in the DVD package.

The collection, which is being released next month, is based on footage from a tour which began in the US last September and took them through Japan, India, Europe and Britain. They played to almost 1.5 million fans.

Sick salute

Berlin (Reuters): A German man who taught his dog Adolf to give a Hitler salute by raising his right paw has been charged with violating Germany’s anti-Nazi laws, a Berlin court said on Wednesday. Police investigated after members of the public complained they had seen the man giving the stiff-arm “Hitler salute” and telling his dog: “Adolf sit, give me the salute!”, a court spokeswoman said. As he was questioned by the police the man ordered his dog to give them the Hitler salute as well, she said. The man identified only as Roland T. told Bild newspaper he didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

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