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Three Americans killed in Gaza blast
A roadside bomb ripped through a US diplomatic convoy in the Gaza Strip today, killing three American security men in the first attack on American officials in three years of Israeli-Palestinian violence. ...  | Read.. 
Free jailed rebels: Ebadi
Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi today called for the immediate release of jailed dissidents in the Islamic Republic and insisted that human rights were not inco ...  | Read.. 
Murdoch has no retirement plans
Rupert Murdoch, 72, today said he had no intention of stepping down as head of his News Corp global media empire. ...  | Read.. 
Iraq polls next year: Council
The president of Iraq’s US-backed provisional governing council today said elections would take place next year, and said setting a timetable for US-led troops to withdraw wa ...  | Read.. 
Palestinians stand near a destroyed vehicle after the bomb blast in the Gaza Strip. (Reuters)
Stones roll off on DVD
Sick salute
Dirty but clean bags Booker
Controversial author DBC Pierre, better known for his murky past than his writing prowess, yesterda..  | Read.. 
Pin number problem' Solution on your fingertips
Attention confounded consumers: there’s a high-tech solution that could render obsolete your growin..  | Read.. 
Data transfer record on Net
Two major scientific research centres said today they had s ...  | Read.. 

Ailing Pope prepares for anniversary
Priests and presidents, pilgrims and politicians arrived in ...  | Read.. 

China blasts into space
China put its first man in space today, sending a single as ...  | Read.. 

Pak plans more missile tests
Fresh from the success of its latest missile tests, Pak ...  | Read..