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Set in 19th century rural Bengal, the play deals with the various facets of exploitation. Dukhiram and Chhidam Ruia are two poor farm labourers who live under one roof with their respective families and toil from dawn to dusk to meet both ends meet. Their neighbours have got used to their wivesí constant bickering. Once during monsoons, the local zamindar decides to spend a couple of days in his outhouse with a nautch girl. He summons the caretaker, Ramlochan, and orders him to ready the dilapidated house once again. Ramlochan scurries around for labourers to repair and refurbish the house. He asks the Sutra brothers to do the job but they refuse. However, the zamindarís musclemen threaten them of dire consequences if they defy. The duo have no options left but to carry out the orders. Meanwhile, their wives wait for them with not a morsel of food to eat. When the husbands return they demand food. A frustrated Dukhiramís wife abuses him and in sheer rage he murders her. During the tension, Ramlochan comes and the brothers seek his advise. He asks them to put the blame on Chandra, Chhidamís wife. Poor Chandra is made the scapegoat and she goes to the gaols. However, before being taken to the alter, when the repentant Ruia brothers come seeking her pardon, she refuses to meet them. Edited, directed and enacted by Nilima Chakraborty, this is a Swabak production.

When: Today at 10.15 am

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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