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Basu leads protest charge

Calcutta, Oct. 8: Former chief minister Jyoti Basu led from the front — as he did for 23 years when he was chief minister — in the no-holds-barred attack on the judiciary during the “mass convention” attended by around 2,000 party faithfuls today.

Here’s a sample from his speech that pulled no punches as he tore into the judiciary and an unnamed judge (no prize for guessing who he was) for “snatching away the right to protest earned after a lot of struggle”.

BASUSPEAK I: “I don’t remember his (the Calcutta High Court judge’s) face. But I saw it in a newspaper recently.”

BASUSPEAK II: “The court used to be final bastion for protection of people’s rights and the judiciary used to command a lot of respect. But after this verdict (the September-29 rein-rally order), how can people still go on having respect for the judiciary'”

BASUSPEAK III: “I haven’t seen the order as a copy hasn’t been served yet. But I hear meetings and rallies have been banned after 8 am and before 8 pm. So what happens if there’s a meeting at my residence before eight in the evening' I have never heard of such rules.”

BASUSPEAK IV: Gari panch minute atkalo, uni court-e giye bole dilen (His [the judge’s] car is held up for five minutes and he passes this order).”

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