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Surprises that make Arnold
Adult film actress and California gubernatorial hopeful Mary Carey speaks during a panel discussion, “Is California Crazy'”, presented by The Week magazine in New York. (AP)

San Francisco, Oct. 7 (Reuters): Arnold the porn star. Arnold the bricklayer. Arnold the army deserter.

California’s gubernatorial campaign ahead of the recall election has revealed many surprises about actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography. Here are some vignettes that surfaced during a tumultuous campaign that are unusual for a US political candidate.

Gay porn cameo: In the 1970s the then Mr Universe landed a role, albeit unwittingly, in a gay porn movie, his first love Barbara Outland Baker, 55, said.

“This fellow Kent asked Arnold’s permission to use some footage of him for a movie, a documentary. So Arnold, trusting enough, said sure,” she said.

“All of a sudden he found out that Kent had used it as a vehicle in a homosexual pornography movie using Arnold’s posing footage, so while he’s doing his routine you’ve got your gay audience self-gratifying themselves.”

Wife said don’t run: His wife, television news personality Maria Shriver, did not want Schwarzenegger to run for governor.

As niece of President John Kennedy and daughter of 1972 vice-presidential candidate Sargent Shriver, she had a foretaste of politics.“I was very aware of what a campaign entailed, which is why I didn’t want him to run,” she said.

“It was like ‘Let me tell you exactly how this is going to go’, and it pretty much has gone exactly how I told him it would go,” she said. “But anybody who has a husband knows you cannot tell them these things, they have to experience it for themselves.”

Arnie the bricklayer: Campaign Spanish-language radio ads portray the former Mr Universe as a common labourer when he first came to the US in 1968. “He started as a bricklayer, and through sheer determination and hard work, he achieved the goals he set for himself, first in bodybuilding, then in the movie business,” the ads said.

In reality, he came to California to promote bodybuilding for Joe Weider, one of the biggest names in bodybuilding. “Arnold did not arrive as a bricklayer, of course,” said former girlfriend Barbara Baker.

Wandering hands: Stories about Schwarzenegger’s past behaviour was re-ignited by the re-circulation of a a 1977 interview in which he discussed participating in group sex. In response, he first said he had a wild past, then he could not remember it, then said he made up such stories to promote bodybuilding.

Then the Los Angeles Times reported over several days that the actor groped or harassed at least 15 women. The actor apologised for bad behaviour but gave few details.

His best friend told Reuters the actor can be free with his hands when it comes to women, such as when he touched the breasts of a British television presenter.

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