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Measure of length must on garments

Calcutta, Sept. 29: Measure for measure: that’s the message the state consumers affairs department sent across to many shop owners today.

If the measure of a garment’s length is not mentioned on it, the department would take stern measures. The government will also make it a must to mention the weights of sweetmeats, said consumers affairs minister Naren De.

A senior official said: “Shop owners and garment manufacturers are aware of the law, which says garments must show linear measurements. Consumers have the right to this information.”

He added that most garments mention sizes only in terms of M (medium), L (large) or XL (extra large) but, legally, that is not enough.

“We have already raided some shops,” said De. The spokesperson of a premiere outlet said: “Some people want measurement in centimetres but many others are confused by them.”

about such measurement. They would rather prefer an XL or XXL shirt.”

The department is compiling the seizure list of the raid – which includes a number of well-known garment shops in Calcutta.

“There must be a mention of inches or centimetres. If the linear measurement is not mentioned, a consumer might be confused and end up purchasing garments of sizes different from what fits him,” he added.

At a recent meeting, the consumer affairs department officials have gathered that most garments coming from outside the city flout the rule. “We have already taken measures to stop these garments from entering the city. Or else they have to follow the norm and mention measurements on garments,” the official said.

De’s second warning was sent across to sweetmeat shops. “All sweetmeats sold – including the Bengali’s favourite rosogolla and gulabjamun, must mention weight,” De said during the day. The government plans to implement this immediately after the Durga Puja. “After the Pujas, any shop selling mishti without this norm will be pulled up and fined,” De said.

While the norm of using weights for sweetmeats would be initially implemented for sweetmeats, all eateries would eventually be asked to mention weights of food sold. “Consumers have the right to know the weight of the rice and fish he is paying for, even if he is eating that at a restaurant or hotel,” De added.

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