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Tax no toll on profit goal

Lush Lawns: Check the frills before you place the bill

Sayan Ghosh,

Of course, all educational institutions should be exempted from paying property taxes, except those that charge high fees from students and run a business in the name of education. The government should identify and monitor them. It should also consider the economic condition of the students.

Sudhisthir Verma,
Address not given.

Yes. Why shouldn’t the government tax private school property' However, the government should only levy the tax on private city schools, since they earn a lot through their high tuition fees. In fact, this move would boost the funds for the city’s government-aided schools.

Sananda Sen,
New Alipore.

Educational institutions are like other establishments, so why should they be exempted from paying property taxes' If the Calcutta Municipal Corporation makes such considerations, then there would be other institutions demanding leniency with regard to tax payment, creating a serious problem for the civic body.

Muddasir Zafar,
Address not given.

Educational institutions should be exempted from paying property tax, as they perform the duty of imparting education to children and youth, thus helping build a developed nation.

Ajay Kumar Tiwari,

No, private educational institutions should not be exempted from paying property tax. Rendering education has become a business today, and the institutions have become money-making machines.

Md. Tanweer,
Hatibagan Road.

Education for all is the government policy but tax is not common to all. Obviously those who are making unlimited profits should have to pay taxes for nation-building, as per the tax rules.

Satyen Biswas,

Educational institutions should not be exempted from paying property tax. Whether the building is rented or belongs to the institution itself, the private institution is charging hefty fees from students. So there should not be any hesitation in asking them for property tax.

Arnab Mitra,

Today, in every sphere of life, we are paying various kinds of taxes, including property tax, from our limited incomes. Educational institutions, especially B-schools, should not be exempted from paying property tax since their incomes are far greater than an individual’s.

Rahul Sharma,

Yes, educational institutions should be exempted from paying property tax. The non-profit institutions render valuable service to society, thus helping to strengthen our country.

Subhobrata Basu,
Ballygunge Station Road.

Government-funded institutions should be exempted. Otherwise, it becomes an illogical move. Only private institutions, especially those funded by business houses, can be compelled to pay taxes. However, the idea of educational institutions paying property tax is a bit out of place. After all, they are only imparting education and the tuition fees they get are utilised for the maintenance of the labs and other establishment expenses. So, recovering taxes from them will pose an unnecessary burden. Thus, I feel educational institutions should be exempted from paying property taxes.

Sayan Banerjee,

Most educational institutions have the funds, or the means to raise funds, to pay property tax. Besides, there are a large number of educational institutions that focus on business more than on imparting education. Exemption from paying property tax for all educational institutions would mean not taking tax from such institutions as well. However, institutions whose income is abysmally low and who are imparting education to the poorer sections of society can be exempted from paying property tax.

Binit Kumar Jha,
Address not given.

This property tax will do more harm to the students than the institutions. On implementation of this tax, almost every institution will increase its fees, which can create further problems for students.

Indranil Sengupta,
Salt Lake.

No. Educational institutions should not be exempted from paying property tax. All such institutions earn hefty amounts as revenue, and paying property tax should not be a problem for them. In fact, today, any good educational institution is a corporate house by itself, and when other corporates are not exempted, why educational institutions'

Md Tarique Nisar,
Collin Street.

Educational institution should be exempted from paying property tax, as the levy of taxes is a curse on poor students. Ultimately, the government should try to revamp the overall taxation system in our country, giving educational institution the utmost benefits. Moreover, we have made several appeals to the government through this column, but our needs and demands have remained unchecked.

Basudeb Bhattacharya,
Salt Lake.

All those private management institutions which have been running educational institutions with the sole motive of minting money should not only pay property tax, but should also be penalised. However, institutions running schools on a non-profit basis that have been caring for downtrodden and deprived children, should be exempted from paying property tax.

Ujjal Bhattacharyya,
CIT Road.

Educational institutions can be exempted from paying property tax, but not from development activities they ought to undertake for the betterment of students. Imparting knowledge is definitely a noble act and the authorities should be directed to provide several updated facilities to the students. A lot of children in our city cannot afford proper education, but have the desire and the potential. Educational institutions ought to come forward to help these children. Educational institutions exempted from paying property tax must channelise the funds for development-oriented activities, which should be made mandatory.

Sounak Chakraborty,

Educational institutions should be exempted from paying tax. Otherwise, the authorities of schools and colleges will hike fees to pay the tax. A lot of students who cannot afford this tax will have to stop their studies. However, several new professional training institutes charge huge entrance fees from students. This is a business. Such educational institutions should be made to pay property tax.

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