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On civic demand: Another cluster of highrises
Building castles in air to keep eyes off ground

Apropos the report ‘Green light for rapid transit’ (Metro, August 20), it is the tactics of the Left Front government to talk about some wonderful scheme hanging in the air while inaugurating a controversial project, to divert the attention of the people. Which is why during the inauguration of the AJC Bose Road flyover our chief minister and the policy-makers of the transport department announced some plans for a rapid transit system, like Sky Rails (light rail transit), moving on an elevated corridor. The “east-west corridor”, comprising underground and overground systems, including trolley buses, is not really practical or feasible. It may be possible on paper, but it will be time-consuming, like Vidyasagar Setu which took 20 years to build. Owing to the lack of proper coordination between the state government and the other agencies, work on the Metro Rail had to linger, leading to people’s sufferings. Those who work, talk less, and those who talk much and beat their own drum, work less.

It would be more appreciated if our transport minister sincerely looks into traffic problems like maintenance and development of the road infrastructure and removal of unauthorised obstacles, forgetting political gains and without any bias.

Madhabi D. Ghosh,
Salt Lake.

Dry alert

Apropos the report ‘Highrise boom takes its toll on water supply’ (Metro, August 11), it is a matter of concern that the South Dum Dum municipality is according sanctions for the construction of multi-storeyed buildings though the water supply and sewerage systems are barely adequate to cope with the demand. Of late, municipal taxes have been hiked, accompanied by a drastic cut in amenities. The municipality should stop giving sanctions until the facilities are improved.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,
Nayapatty Road.

For a clean Puja

Given that various stalls temporarily built near Puja pandals litter the area, the Corporation’s decision to impose fines for littering on Puja organisers is a step in the right direction (CMC slaps litter fee on Puja pandals, Metro, August 19).

Prahlad Agarwala,

Home truths from classroom

The recognition that ‘Toppers tumble two years on’ (Metro, August 14) is not a day too soon. Almost all examinations at the school level test memory-based learning. Their results do not reflect the worth of a student. The reasons cited in the report bypass the main issue. If such high achievers cannot competently clear the next stage, how will they clear the hurdles of life' We need to pause and find a cure for our “marks” fetish. We need to revive intellectual activity rather than enforce academic performance.

Deepawati Sen,
N.S.C. Bose Road.

High, not on heritage

The Currency Building has met a sorry fate (Beer bar on Currency Building kerb, Metro, August 8). The 150-year-old heritage structure deserves a better lot.

Shiv Shanker Almal,
Lower Rawdon Street.

Waiting for more

Apropos the report ‘Double trouble in hospital twin deaths’ (Metro, August 18), the SSKM Hospital authorities have not mended their ways even after the death of young Rajnis Patel. The allegations of supply of sub-standard food to patients, unavailability of doctors, touts extracting money for better treatment, doctors advising pathological and cardiological tests from outside agencies despite the hospital having the infrastructural facilities — all point to the undesirable state of affairs prevailing in the hospital.

Rabindra Nath Kar,
Kailash Bose Street.

Dirty politics

It is a shame that encroachers are back on the pavements at the behest of the Trinamul Congress (Trinamul eye on vote bank blocks rerun of Sunshine, Metro, August 11). The authorities should carry out another eviction drive.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,
Budge Budge.

Script watch

It is strange how some students take home their answer-scripts (Write a test, take script home, Metro, August 13). The invigilators must be more alert. When students visit the toilet, the scripts must be left on the desk. When the time is up, they should be collected in an organised manner.

Dinabandhu Mukherjee,

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