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Dubai arrest

Mumbai, Sept. 16: Police claimed that it was closer to cracking the August 25 blasts conspiracy with an arrest made in Dubai, reports our correspondent.

Zahid Patni, one of the alleged masterminds behind the twin blasts and a key member of the Gujarat Muslim Revenge Force a Lashkar-e-Toiba module has been arrested by Dubai police and will be deported to India soon. The Centre has reportedly started the process of deporting Zahid.

Zahid was a childhood friend of Ashrat Ansari, one of the four arrested. They grew up together in Mumbai, an investigating official said. Zahid, about 30 years old, went to Dubai for work. There he was indoctrinated into terror. He is said to have influenced Ashrat into executing the bomb blast at Zaveri Bazaar.

He also was in close touch with Nissar, the blast suspect gunned down last week, and organised funds for the fledgling Gujarat Muslim Revenge Force. He had met Hanif Sayeed in Dubai. Sayeed, his wife Fahmida and 16-year-old daughter Farheen have been arrested for the blasts.

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