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World should have acted sooner: Powell
US secretary of state Colin Powell said at the mass grave of Iraqi Kurds killed in a 1988 gas attack that the killings showed the world should have acted sooner against President Saddam Hussein. ...  | Read.. 
Iran in bid to cool nuclear fears
Iran moved today to cool fears it might follow North Korea and quit an international treaty intended to halt the spread of nuclear arms. ...  | Read.. 
15 Taliban men killed in clash
At least 15 Taliban fighters, a senior commander among them, were killed in southern Afghanistan in an overnight clash involving US-led forces, an Afghan official said today. ...  | Read.. 
Lindh killer eludes police
The killer of Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh could have slipped out of the country, although there was no certain proof of this, Stockholm police said today as they wide ...  | Read.. 
Anna Kournikova at a jewellery show in Taipei on Monday. (Reuters)
Roses by Madonna
‘Misinterpreted’, not sexed up
Britain’s secretive intelligence chief conceded today that criticism of a dossier setting out Prime..  | Read.. 
Rings’ Middle Earth secrets revealed
The Lord of the Rings creators today laid bare the high-tech movie tricks that earned them a..  | Read.. 
Sweden to pay price for snubbing euro
Sweden got a clear message today that it will pay a politic ...  | Read.. 

Riyadh fire
A fire killed 67 inmates at a prison in the Saudi capital R ...  | Read.. 

Court order blocks California recall
The 9th circuit court of appeals issued a preliminary injun ...  | Read..