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‘Why don’t the police act against them'’
A Bosepukur Puja organiser on other traffic-stopper pandals

Full stop for traffic-stop twins
One was made of broken records; the other used sugarcane. Together, they were two of Calcutta’s largest crowd-pulling and traffic-stopping pujas last year. This October, however, they will not be around at all — at least not on the Rashbehari Ave...  | Read.. 
Doctor rap draws tears, cheers from patients
For the past one year, Vishnupriya Sarkar, 55, has not been able to see with her left eye. But when her relatives broke the n...  | Read.. 
Signal switch stalls trains
It was a Friday fraught with frustration for commuters on Eastern and South Eastern Railway trains as work on the route relay...  | Read.. 
Bus collision leaves 13 injured
Traffic was disrupted at Sukantanagar, near the airport, on Friday morning following an accident in which 13 bus passengers w...  | Read.. 
Highrise to oust Bishop House
The Bishop of Calcutta, Reverend P.S.P. Raju, has at last had his way. After considering his proposal for over a year, the Ca ...  | Read.. 
Kasba 2002: The sugarcane citadel by Bosepukur Sitala Mandir (left) and the record-breaking effort by Bosepukur Talbagan
Hello, it's Saturday, September 13, 2003
What to do this weekend
On stage
Fest fun
My Best Friend’s Wedding
It’s Sameer Verma’s best friend Avinash Advani’s w...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Mahima ChaudharyYou are very determined and have the grit to persevere despite odds. A disciplined a ...Read.. 
City Lights
Sensuality on sands of time ...  | Read.. 
Broadcaster tie-up boosts MSO muscle
After signing on the dotted line for an exclusive distribution pact with ST...  | Read.. 

Cousin caught for couple murder
A relative of the elderly couple found murdered in its Ganganagar home near...  | Read.. 

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