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Father rips Tiger mask

Sept. 10: The big cat is finally out of the bag. The ‘slain’ father appeared in person to identify Tiger Singh and punctured his “revenge” rationale behind the 12-hour murder-and-hostage drama at a Suri hospital, exactly a week ago.

Tiger Singh is one among the many aliases he is known by, policemen said after grilling him at the NRS hospital, where is admitted, till early this morning.

Birbhum superintendent of police Akhil Roy said in the afternoon that Tiger is also known as Afroz Khan, Feroz Kashmiri and Guluha in the coal smuggling circuit. After forays into Jharkhand, sleuths have established that he is from Puranahat in Burnpur.

They shot down the revenge claim after his father, Riaz Sheikh, identified him. Tiger has said he murdered Sadananda Mondal to avenge his father and brother’s deaths.

“The story of revenge does not hold water. Tiger’s father and wife came and identified him,” said a senior police officer who interrogated Tiger in Calcutta.

Mondal’s killing was the sequel to a long-standing rivalry between two groups of coal smugglers in the Asansol belt. There is bitter competition among the dons at Khairasol and Dubrajpur over illegal mining at the abandoned Eastern Coalfield pits.

Tiger had shot at Sadananda and Haradhan Roy, the other person he was looking for in the hospital, on September 1 near a Suri bus-stop. “It appears that when Sadananda and Haradhan were not killed in that attempt, Tiger’s employer sent him again to the Suri hospital to finish the job,” a police official said. Tiger is a hired killer working either for coal don Hurai or steel smuggler Parle Singh.

On receiving information that the two injured persons were admitted in Suri hospital, Tiger and two associates raided it on the night of September 3 to finish their job. Haradhan escaped, but Sadananda was shot.

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