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Back from the blues in Arabian hues
- Park Street food haunt set to reopen before Puja with all-new platter

Tuck into a portion of lahma kofta bil karaz or lamb and cherry kofta from Saudi Arabia, gorge on a liberal helping of masgouf (an Iraqi delicacy of baked curried fish), or enjoy a gigantic platter comprising a 20-ft-diameter rumali roti and assorted Arabian kebabs with your family. All to the strains of lilting desert tunes — and all at Blue Fox.

The landmark haunt at 55, Park Street, established in 1961 but shut since November 28, 2002, is all set to return before the Pujas. The perennial Park Street favourite, where diners would be entertained by the likes of Louis Banks and Mohammed Aziz, where tragedy queen Meena Kumari dropped by, will reinvent itself as “the only authentic destination in town for cuisine from the Middle-East”.

Shut following faction feuds among erstwhile partners 10 months ago, Blue Fox will reopen under an all-new management, with an all-new product mix. “We will position the Blue Fox Dining Bar as a standalone restaurant offering specially-researched Middle-East recipes, alongside Indian, and a few speciality items from Spain, Italy, Mongolia and South-East Asia,” asserts Dipak Kumar Singh, better known as Munna Maharaj.

The catering king, who has served it up “for Michael Jackson and the Mittals”, has taken over the Blue Fox management in association with Pradip Rozario, owner of Kurry Klub and chef and partner of Bollywood star Suniel Shetty’s designer-cuisine destination Mischief in Hyderabad.

“The new Blue Fox will metamorphose constantly during the day for different target groups,” says group manager Dhruv Dutta. There will be buffet lunches and combo meals for executives during mid-day, in-between munches with coffee and ice-cream for leisure groups in the lazy afternoons and a “sumptuous spread” of fine dining in the evenings.

“We will have a live band playing Arabian music inside the restaurant to go with the cuisine,” declares Pradip, who has designed the restaurant interiors, incorporating traditional West Asian elements.

Chef Subir Rozario is keen to revive some old continental favourites also to go with his Middle-East menu. Thus, diners at the new Blue Fox can savour chicken a la Kiev and Caesar’s chicken alongside Turkish pita bread in houmous — a chick-pea dip — or patthar ki kebab — meat roasted on desert stone. “We will have the spices imported from Dubai to give dishes like Middle-Eastern lamb chops and Sun-dried tomato-flavoured fish tikka, a genuine piquancy,” maintains Pradip.

Munna Maharaj, with business interests ranging from “mineral water to mithai”, hopes to notch up daily average sales of Rs 1 lakh-plus at The Blue Fox Dining Bar. “We want to become a destination brand on Park Street that can hold its own against the new wave fine dining outlets down south,” contends Dutta.

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