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‘Even if I don’t land a job, I can still continue my practice’
A student on choosing medicine over engineering after jee

Safety steers medical study
First came the reports of the campus interview leftovers. Then, the horror stories crept closer, entering the neighbourhood; there was this neighbour’s son who was without a job despite graduating from the best engineering college in town. Finally...  | Read.. 
Festive blueprint for power supply
The CESC on Monday assured uninterrupted power supply in the city and its adjoining areas during the Pujas, but expressed con...  | Read.. 
Housewife to hunted thief
Two years ago, Saraswati Biswas was just another housewife from a middle-class family in Chandernagore and daughter Sangita w...  | Read.. 
Queen’s language, a barrier in the method and the mind
The story of Satyarup Banerjee, reported by The Telegraph last week, would have shocked many readers. For those...  | Read.. 
A script boiling in his pot
Howrah tea man writes for Tollywood between cups

This story-writer could just be the story that Tollywood is looking for. He makes a living by stirring up the daily cuppa for ...  | Read.. 
Generations apart, they had no problems finding common ground. Girija Devi performed at GD Birla Centre for Education on Monday, accompanied by Subhen ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Road to avoid
Film fest
Sound of music
Art and craft
Relation and its multiple facets
Amit Kumar Dey, Arnab Mukherjee, Ashish Mondal, C...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Hugh GrantYou are dreamy and highly imaginative. People are charmed by your sharp, sensibl ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Spice up words with action...  | Read.. 
Dum Dum underpass underway
The spot may be different but the issue and the excuses remain the same....  | Read.. 

Where stress stalks our students
Some attention is finally being focused on the academic burden crushing kid...  | Read.. 

Goons on bus caught by constable
Two armed dacoits were arrested on Monday morning at the crossing of AJC Bo...  | Read.. 

Far East beckons Puja vacationers
It’s destination Far East for Calcuttans this Puja, with Bangkok, Singapore...  | Read.. 

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