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Bovine bullies

Jerusalem, Sept. 7 (Reuters): Stud bulls are turning to their own in Israel, causing mounting frustration for cattlemen.

A seasonal shortage of cows to impregnate and a Jewish ritual law that bans castration of animals means the studs have become bullish on other males, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported today.

“The problem is, they lose so much weight — and have less meat — because of their repeated attempts to mate that we are losing money,” Haim Dayan, head of the Israeli ranchers’ assocation, told the newspaper. Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest-circulation daily, illustrated the item with a photo of two bulls sharing a close encounter at a northern ranch.

Canine cause

Berlin (Reuters): More than 3,000 dogs were paraded through central Berlin in a demonstration by owners for more rights and public tolerance. A number of the dogs in the parade that snarled traffic throughout the centre of the German capital were wearing costumes. Accompanied by police escort, the dogs and their owners marched some five km from the Victory Column to the west Berlin shopping district through the Schoeneberg district before returning to the starting point. Speakers at the second annual “Fiffi Parade” called on the local government to set aside larger areas where dogs can roam free without leashes. “We need pro-dog rules and not anti-dog laws,” said Gisela Duellberg, an organiser.

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