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Palestine PM quits, Hamas leader injured
Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas submitted his resignation today in a power struggle with Yasser Arafat, dealing a possibly fatal setback for a US-backed plan for peace with Israel. ...  | Read.. 
Fury in Pak province as troops hunt al Qaida men
Pathan leaders are furious over the launch of a Pakistani military operation in the North West Frontier Province to arrest Taliban and al Qaida leaders fleeing fighting i ...  | Read.. 
Thousands march in Taipei for name change
At least 50,000 people demonstrated in Taipei today calling for the island’s official name to be changed from the Republic of China to Taiwan, a move Beijing would likely reg ...  | Read.. 
Bible belt embroiled in conflict over tax
Alabama, one of the poorest states in America and the scene of many of the epochal civil rights battles of the 1960s, is embroiled in a new conflict — this time over tax ...  | Read.. 
A man cries as he carries a wounded baby into a hospital after an Israeli missile hit a house in Gaza City. (Reuters)
JFK death led Jackie to think of suicide: Book
Jacqueline Kennedy contemplated suicide months after her husband’s assassination, but feared th..  | Read.. 
Security in Iraqi hands: Rumsfeld
US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today it was up to Iraqis and not the American-led occupi..  | Read.. 
Shriver rises to Arnie’s defence
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver, who has stayed ...  | Read.. 

Blaine begins starvation stunt
Illusionist David Blaine yesterday embarked on his most dar ...  | Read..