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Glum troops just want to go home
If they had the chance, US soldiers at a base in Iraq would have had one question for defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld — When are we going home' ...  | Read.. 
Islamabad F-16 hunt
Pakistan, worried by India’s plans to acquire a strategic radar system from Israel, today said it is seeking second-hand F-16 fighters from Belgium and will also request a si ...  | Read.. 
China urges Pak to suppress militants
A seven-member Chinese delegation left for Beijing today after reviewing anti-terror and security measures with Pakistani officials. ...  | Read.. 
FBI issues alert for 4 linked to al Qaida
The FBI today urged the public to be on the lookout for four men — including two the agency has been seeking for months — who may be connected to possible threats against the ...  | Read.. 
Brazilian fashion model Fernanda Tavares unveils a new global campaign for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals during an anti-fur protest ...  | Read
Zeta-Jones not on the prowl
Catherine Zeta-Jones may make a marvellous husband hunter in the new screwball comedy Intolerabl..  | Read.. 
Wodehouse castle mystery solved
For decades fans of PG Wodehouse have tramped round rural England in search of their holy grail..  | Read.. 
Unpopular HK bill withdrawn, not scrapped
An anti-subversion bill that sparked Hong Kong’s biggest po ...  | Read.. 

Ducking Arnie grabs key issue
After weeks of accusations that he was ducking controversy, ...  | Read.. 

Anti-Blair worm raids UK website
A new Internet worm has surfaced that criticises British Pr ...  | Read.. 

French chef cooks up a storm
A stinging critique of French cooking by an American ne ...  | Read..