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‘Village girl’ stalls CBI

New Delhi, Sept. 4: The CBI today questioned former Uttar Pradesh minister Amarmani Tripathi’s wife Madhumani in connection with the murder of poet Madhumita Shukla.

The CBI team, led by a deputy superintendent of police, questioned Madhumani at their Gorakhpur residence in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Madhumani, however, refused to answer most of the CBI queries and kept repeating that she was uneducated and came from a poor background. Madhumani said she was a village girl and knew nothing but her name.

“I have neither seen her nor met her. I came to know of her through media reports,” she told CBI officials when asked if she had ever met Madhumita.

Her response was the same when she was asked about the telephone call allegedly received by her immediately after 24-year-old Madhumita was shot dead at her Paper Colony residence in Lucknow on May 9.

Although an agency report quoted unnamed sources as saying the DNA samples of Madhumita’s foetus had matched with Tripathi’s blood sample, there was no official confirmation.

In a personal diary which is in the CBI’s possession, Madhumita says how M, apparently Tripathi’s wife Madhumani, had warned her about his habit of flitting from woman to woman. Madhumita wrote: “M says that her husband has had many affairs with women, but none of them last for more than a year, as he keeps switching from one woman to another. But M doesn’t realise that all the other women have just had relationships with him, they didn’t love him.”

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