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Dhantola link in molestation

Hanskhali (Nadia), Sept. 3: Members of a women’s rights group yesterday forced police to arrest a man, said to be a CPM-backed goon, who allegedly molested one of their colleagues, also a BJP member of the Krishnagunj panchayat samity.

Manju Sarkar, 30, is a member of the Sreema Mahila Samity, which goaded the Dhantola rape victims to lodge an FIR against the accused 27 days after the incident.

She was overpowered by the miscreant in a jute field at Baliadanga, about 65 km from Calcutta, while she was going to attend a meeting of her group. He intercepted her around 11 am yesterday when she got down from a bus and took a narrow road towards Baliadanga.

“Just when I turned into the tiny road from Hanskhali main road, I saw Amal Ghosh following me. As a member of the women’s rights group, I am aware of Ghosh’ activities and asked him to leave. He refused, and started making indecent gestures. Wary, I started running, but he overpowered me and took me to the jute field by the road and molested me,” Manju said.

She finally freed herself by biting his hand and was rescued by farmers working in the fields who rushed to the scene after hearing her screams.

Minutes after the incident, Manju’s friends informed Hanskhali police. When the force did not proceed against Ghosh, the women went in a procession to Raninagar, where he had fled. “Our members gheraoed Ghosh’s house and caught him. We handed over Ghosh to the police who came nearly six hours after the incident,” said mahila samity secretary Bani Saraswati.

The district BJP accused the police of taking the side of the CPM, which maintained the party had no connection with Ghosh.

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