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Resident brake on bus stop

DULAL (JYOTIPRASANNA) DAS THAKUR, Trinamul Congress councillor of ward 106, met readers of The Telegraph at Tarun Sangha, Haltu, to reply to their queries. Participants included S.N. Roy, Shankar Dasgupta, Shambhu Nath Kundu, Subir Chatterjee, Bilas Kumar Biswas, Anjan Das, Mandira Gupta, Debabrata Mitra, Sanat Kumar De, Amit Sarkar, Mahadeb Basu, Asoke De, Rabin Banerjee, Pradeep De and Rabi Basu

Debabrata Mitra: Can you tell us when work on the main sewerage and feeder drain will finally start and put the residents of Green Park out of their misery'

You have rightly raised this issue. We have already finished work at East Park, Gitanjali Park, Sen Pally, Singhi Garden and a few other places. Only two drains in your area remain. By November, the work should be completed.

Sanat Kumar De: To keep Kayasthapara clean, bleaching powder must be sprayed. If the civic employees cannot do this, we can take it up ourselves…

Your proposal is welcome. I must see to it that bleaching powder is sprayed regularly, not only in your area, but wherever it is required. If municipal employees are not available, then we will take your help. Let me first talk to the member, mayor-in-council concerned.

Amit Sarkar: In Kayasthapara, there is a condemned tubewell, making it difficult for us to get pure drinking water. Can this be looked into'

The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) has no plans to revive any defunct tubewell. Moreover, we are also worried about the quality of water being drawn from different levels.

Mahadeb Basu: Sporting activity has all but ended in our area, as the grounds cannot be utilised for games for various reasons.

We have formed the Club Samannay Committee, with local organisations, to focus on games and sports in the area. We are making arrangements for proper lighting on some of the grounds. We plan to continue with this programme in order to help produce good sportsmen. Creating the right environment is essential.

Asoke De: We have a lot of talented footballers in the area, but no tournament is held here. Can you take the initiative for a tournament here'

A football tournament cannot be organised due to paucity of funds. I shall, however, look into the matter and also request local enthusiasts to come forward to make this happen.

Asoke De: There are a large number of people who cannot afford costly treatment. Can a health centre be built here'

Without a plot of land, the CMC cannot set up a health centre here.

Rabin Banerjee: P. Mazumdar Fifth Lane is filthy as there is no vat for garbage disposal. Can something be done to keep the place clean'

There is a problem on that stretch. Our men cannot take their garbage carts in, as the roads are very narrow. Some vats had earlier been used to tackle the problem. I have asked for 10 more vats to be placed at strategic points.

Rabi Basu: Our area does not have a single bus terminus, making commuting a real problem. Will you please take some steps to set up a bus terminus'

We had, in fact, drawn up plans to build a bus terminus at Nandi Bagan. But some residents of the area resisted the idea, as they wanted a playground, instead. We convinced them that we had plans for both and prepared a full project plan. We had also made arrangements for some shopkeepers to be relocated from the construction site. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, the work was stalled. Only residents of the area can resolve the matter and clear the path for the bus terminus.


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