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Price-hike axe on galleries

Tapash Chakraborty,
Nabagram, Hooghly.

Salt Lake stadium can regain its lost glory only if a minimum of Rs 2 is included in ticket prices for its maintenance as costs are going up rapidly. Sports lovers will not mind this small contribution for the development of the ground as well as the gallery.

Avishek Ganguly,
Bally, Howrah.

A maintenance fee should definitely be added to ticket prices for matches at Salt Lake stadium. This fee will bring in the money required for the daily upkeep of the stadium. A negligible fee will not inconvenience sports lovers. But care should be taken that the money does not reach the wrong hands as it always happens in West Bengal. Hiring a private agency for the task is the best solution for this problem.

Shyamal Kumar Roy,
Ichhapur, Howrah.

The stadium is internationally famous. The proposal for charging a maintenance fee with the tickets for games is a good idea.

Biman Saha,
Lake Town.

Imposing a fee for the upkeep of Salt Lake stadium is fully justified. One often finds the ground strewn with plastic glasses, bottles and wrappers. But we just hope that the funds are not misused.

Prahlad Agarwala,

Itís a fact that a section of visitors litter the stadium but a maintenance fee should not be added to ticket prices. This will hit sports lovers hard.

Hara Lal Chakraborty,
Arabinda Nagar.

Before coming to any decision, it should first be known what the break-up of the existing ticket price is. If the stadium authorities are not getting any money from the ticket, some money may be charged for maintenance. But it should not be increased beyond the means of the common people. Instead of increasing the price of tickets, proper care should be taken so that no one can damage or dirty the stadium. Further, the stadium should be utilised for earning additional revenue.

Suvrajit Saha,
Address not given.

I think the decision to levy a maintenance fee was long pending. Here in West Bengal, people have no concern for their monuments. So it is not surprising that Salt Lake stadium is in such a pathetic shape. Since people dirty the place at will, it is imperative that they pay up for cleaning it. I remember the trouble I faced when I went for the A.R. Rahman concert in February as the place was littered with filth and the seats were broken and uprooted at places. Besides, when a person can spend money on cigarettes and mobile bills, they can easily shell out a few rupees more on tickets.


It is a matter of great concern that Calcutta is fast seeing a good football ground, which could be the venue for national and international matches, go to rack and ruin. The facilities at Salt Lake stadium need to be upgraded just as regular maintenance is urgently required. The authorities should look for interested sponsors or approach the government for funds. Adding maintenance fees to ticket prices is not only undesirable, but will hurt football lovers.

Collin Street.

No, maintenance fees should not be added to the ticket prices for matches at the Salt Lake stadium. Simply implementing the idea, without proper management, will be of no use. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the government to maintain public property.

Budge Budge.

Why not' With more and more important games being organised at the stadium from time to time, there needs to be a lot of maintenance to keep the stadium at peak international standard. Enough funds are needed to upgrade the facilities. Will the authorities put the funds collected from the spectators to proper use' Simply collecting maintenance fee will not serve the purpose. The ultimate goal needs to be achieved. We do not want to play with mosquitoes during football matches in future as poor A.R. Rahman had to during his musical show there.

jayanta datta,

Maintenance fee should not be imposed for matches at Salt Lake. The present state of the stadium is a testimony of the work culture in West Bengal despite having the resources and employees who draw their salaries at the end of the month. The government has increased ticket prices two or three months ago. There is a no question of imposing a separate levy for maintenance. Rather, penalties should be imposed on vandals.


No, maintenance fee should not be charged for matches at Salt Lake stadium. Why should people who do not litter or damage the galleries pay the maintenance fee'


I agree with the idea of imposing a maintenance fee on ticket prices for matches at Salt Lake Stadium. This will not only keep the stadium clean but will also generate civic sense among the spectators.

ujjal bhattacharyya,

Salt Lake stadium is this cityís asset. But a maintenance fee should not be added to ticket prices. At the most, tickets for the VIP gallery could include a maintenance fee. The number of spectators at the ground has dwindled. Adding a maintenance fee will push up the prices of tickets beyond the means of many regular visitors. The sports ministry ought to mobilise funds to meet the costs instead of putting the pressure on the common people.

Sumant Poddar,
Kyd Street.

Good idea. The government has done enough for the stadiumís development.

anubhav jain,

No, the policy of charging maintenance fees for matches at Salt Lake stadium is flawed. The authorities should look for other ways of generating income.


No way. The tickets are surely priced taking into account maintenance costs. If prices are hiked, a large section of football-lovers will stop coming to the stadium and see the matches on the telly.

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