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Bomb, ethnic flareup set Iraq ablaze
A bomb blast killed three bodyguards in the office of one of Iraq’s main Shia groups today, a spokesperson for the group said, as ethnic violence flared between Kurds and Turkmen in the north. ...  | Read.. 
Sobig new alert
The fast-spreading Sobig.F e-mail virus is slowing after failing in its initial bid to bog down the Internet, but security experts issued fresh warnings to computer users tod ...  | Read.. 
Gaza brake on bombs
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat’s security chief in the Gaza Strip today ordered steps to stop militant groups firing rockets and mortar bombs at Israelis, security sourc ...  | Read.. 
Paedophile priest at heart of church scandal strangled in jail
Prosecutors today investigated how a convicted murderer said to bear a grudge against homosexuals managed to strangle fellow inmate John Geoghan, a paedophile priest at the c ...  | Read.. 
A six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier leaps over an obstacle during a “Fly Ball” competition ...  | Read
Comic caper
Hair hunt
British losing trust in Blair
More than two thirds of voters believe, from what they have heard so far in the Hutton inquiry ..  | Read.. 
Bid to get God aboard Terminator team
His earthly election team is packed with heavyweight economic and political advisers. Last week, Arn..  | Read.. 
BBC to get rid of Gilligan
Andrew Gilligan is likely to lose his job at the BBC as ...  | Read.. 

Pauper graves for French heat victims
France’s killer heatwave has left hundreds of corpses lying ...  | Read.. 

Pervez pacifies US
President Pervez Musharraf yesterday told a six-member ...  | Read..