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Annan springs troop plainspeak on US
UN secretary-general Kofi Annan today warned that the US and its allies faced an uphill battle to get countries to send troops to Iraq if they did not cede some decision-making powers. ...  | Read.. 
Canada busts case with eerie 9/11 parallels
Canadian police arrested 19 men last week in a case that, according to court documents obtained by a newspaper, has eerie parallels to the preparations for the September 11 a ...  | Read.. 
Nepal talks
The US urged the Nepali government and Maoist rebels today to continue talks to try and end a long-running revolt in which more than 7,200 people have been killed. The gover ...  | Read.. 
A resident watches a forest fire advance towards Kelowna, northeast of Vancouver, on Thursday. (Reuters)
Canine courage
Alive again
J.Lo case
Dramatising Kelly death
The Iraq dossier row and the death of David Kelly is to be dramatised for television, Channel 4 sai..  | Read.. 
Conductor builds musical bridge across W. Asia divide
Young Israeli musicians play side by side with Palestinians and Egyptians as a shared language of c..  | Read.. 
Arnie ‘bombs’ at media premiere
Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger either “bomb ...  | Read.. 

Race to beat SoBig virus
Computer security experts raced to beat the clock today as ...  | Read.. 

Monster Billy turns to books
Comedian and actor Billy Crystal, recently renowned as ...  | Read..