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Marriage reproach in teen pairs’ suicide

Tehatta, Aug. 20: Love ke liye kuch bhi karega. The suicide note that began with these words from a popular Hindi song said it all about the bodies of two pairs of teenagers found this morning in a banana grove in this Nadia town, about 120 kilometres from Calcutta.

Suparna Sil, 14, and Sagar Haldar, 19, had ended their lives along with Jhuma Haldar, 12, and Madhu Haldar, 18, after consuming pesticide.

“The four used to meet regularly against the wishes of their parents and on one occasion had even gone away for a few days to an unknown destination. They belong to poor families. Sagar was a fish-seller in the local market and Madhu was a mason’s helper,” said additional police superintendent Pallab Kanti Ghosh.

Residents informed the police after stumbling on the bodies at dawn. Near them lay the suicide note addressed to their parents. “First let us pay our respects to you. We are not left with any option as you will not agree to our marriage. This is not acting, this is for real. We will not disturb you in future,” it said in Bengali. Suparna and Jhuma were students of class V in Betai High School here.

“On August 15, the two girls went out of town with the two youths. When they returned in the evening, they were thrashed by their mothers and locked in. Usha and Pratima (the mothers) went to the houses of the two boys where angry words were exchanged. They even threatened to complain to the police if the boys did not keep away from their daughters,” said Sudipta Haldar, who runs a grocery shop next to the house of one of the girls.

Ghosh said after returning from the Independence day trip, the girls reportedly asked their parents to marry them off to the two youths. “The parents were adamant and refused to do so,” he added.

After the bodies were found, the parents went into a state of shock. Usha and Pratima kept weeping, cursing the two “vagabonds” who had coaxed their daughters to end their lives. The fathers refused to come out and talk.

It seemed that the four had sneaked out of their houses after midnight and met at the banana grove. They then wrote the suicide note together before consuming the pesticide. The bodies were discovered lying on individual banana leaves.

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