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Dossier divisions spill out of Blair closet
Two British defence officials expressed concern over the way Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government presented intelligence on Iraq’s military threat in a pre-war dossier, an inquiry was told today. ...  | Read.. 
Ali bears no grudges
A boy whose armless torso, horrific burns and haunted eyes symbolised civilian suffering in the Iraq war smiled for the cameras today and carers said he bore no grudges again ...  | Read.. 
Bali kingpin welcomes martyrdom
The suspected mastermind of the Bali bombings used his day in court today to thank Indonesian prosecutors for demanding a death sentence and said execution by firing squad wo ...  | Read.. 
Heat causes concern for French plants
France called emergency talks today on overheating at nuclear power plants as Europe’s heat wave entered its second week, with officials torn between output cuts and allowing ...  | Read.. 
Ahmed Mohammed Hamza (left) and Ali Ismaeel Abbas at Queen Mary’s Hospital, London. (Reuters)
Costner’s own star
Potter fire
Tired thief
Arnie steams ahead with $50 million personal wealth
Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday said that whatever shortcomings he might have as potent..  | Read.. 
Hollywood’s German cash cow to dry up
Hollywood blockbusters like Terminator 3 could see a big source of funding dry up as cash-st..  | Read.. 
US forces kill Pak soldiers by mistake
Pakistan said US forces shot dead two of its soldiers and w ...  | Read..