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Basra bleeds and boils over
A tense calm settled over Basra late today after a second day of violence in which one Iraqi and a Nepalese Gurkha security officer were killed as crowds attacked vehicles and blocked streets with burning tyres. ...  | Read.. 
Indonesia cleric breathes fire from jail
In a message sent from his jail cell, the Indonesian cleric believed to lead the militant Jemaah Islamiah group urged Muslims today to adhere to their faith without fear of b ...  | Read.. 
UK sweats, Dutch stare at blackout
Britain sweltered today as temperatures hit a record 100 degrees Fahrenheit , leaving bookmakers facing a hefty payout after a flurry of bets on the 100-F-mark being topped. ...  | Read.. 
Israel hits back at Hizbollah shell strike
Israeli warplanes and troops blasted the outskirts of a south Lebanon village today after Hizbollah guerrillas fired an anti-aircraft shell that killed an Israeli, witnesses ...  | Read.. 
An Iraqi carries away another shot during a riot in Basra on Sunday. (Reuters)
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Space vows
Bird watch
Farewell to Uzi, Israel finger on Tavor trigger
Israel is replacing its world-famous Uzi sub-machinegun and US-supplied M-16 assault rifle with a n..  | Read.. 
California circus rolls
At least 80 people, including Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, columnist Arianna Huff..  | Read..