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Pak Islamists seek fatwa over sending troops
Pakistan’s hardline Islamic groups, locked in a bitter standoff with the pro-military government, said today they would seek a fatwa or religious decree against dispatching Pakistani troops to Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Shadowy group blamed for Jakarta blast
The shadowy militant group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) was to blame for this week’s bombing of a US-run luxury hotel in Jakarta that killed 10 people, and many more of them were sti ...  | Read.. 
UK forces quell Basra disturbances
British troops in riot gear deployed in Basra today to quell spreading disturbances sparked by shortages of fuel and power in Iraq’s second city. ...  | Read.. 
Noelle Bush ends treatment
Noelle Bush, a niece of President George W. Bush and daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, was released from a drug rehabilitation centre after finishing her court-ordered treat ...  | Read.. 
Parents line their babies up to participate in the 15th Baby Crawling Contest in Hong Kong. (AFP)
Arnie the politician hits a rough patch
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition from movie star to gubernatorial candidate hit its first rou..  | Read.. 
Cutting down literary classics in 90 minutes
The Reduced Shakespeare Company won acclaim chopping the Bard down to digestible soundbites. Now it..  | Read.. 
PC unfriendly Blair opens e-mail file
Tony Blair will finally come to terms with the Internet ...  | Read..