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New friends for Lalu, Rabri

Jaipur, Aug. 7: Residents of Jaipur will now get to see Suraj and Chanda in the company of Lalu and Rabri.

But this Lalu and Rabri are not the politicians from Bihar, even though they may have been ruling the roost at Jaipurís Nahargarh zoological gardens along with another tiger, Sikandar.

Suraj and his offspring Rukma and Chanda have just been shifted here from the Bikaner zoo. The trio, which made it here last evening after a nine-hour journey, was released into the tigersí rescue centre.

Mohan Singh Chawdhary, resident animal husbandry physician of Jaipur zoo, had gone to Bikaner yesterday morning to bring over the tigers in two trucks. The tigers have been placed in different cages.

With their arrival, the number of tigers in the rescue centre has risen to nine. There are also 17 lions and a tigon (a cross between a tiger and lion) in the park.

Suraj and his family are the first wild animals brought to the rescue centre from outside.

Empire, Geeta and Jai Hind are some of the tigers in the centre to have been rescued from a private circus company.

It was decided to shift the animals to Jaipur because of the lack of space in the Bikaner and Kota zoos.

Animals from other zoos may also make their way here soon.

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