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Neeraj Kalra

Just another student…

Is how Neeraj sees himself. But we beg to differ. Try to take a ‘byte’ out of his list of achievements and it is most likely to be more than you can chew. The IT whiz has made quite a name on the school circuit and has one foot in the pro league at the tender age of 17.

Eat, drink, sleep…

Computers is what this Class XII commerce student does. If he dreams of making it big with a multi-national IT firm of his own, he has already paved the way with Media Force. The company — which he is keen to register as soon as he is 18 next April — has already taken up assignments on campus. Work has started flowing in after he made a splash at his first assignment at Manzil, the District Interact Conference this year. He was roped in for all the animation and computer work for the conference. He even designed a game, called Road To Manzil. That helped him bag the event management contract for Lakshya 2003, the Lakshmipat Singhania Academy fest, as well as the animation deal for Ashok Hall’s Zeitgeist 2003.

Teen for teens…

Is part of Neeraj’s mantra, as he is currently helping out behind the scenes with the Teen of the Year contest being organised by Don Bosco. He has organised events for fellow students, too. He was assistant secretary of the school computer club for 2002-03 and president till May 2003, when he left to join the Interact Club. The guy, who has taught himself computers, has organised intra-school computer competitions and workshops.

Promises, promises…

Are what the “most promising talent” (as voted by his peers at Syzygy, the computer fest at La Martiniere for Boys) intends to keep. He stood up for the school at the district-level computer fair organised by Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, being placed third in quizzing and computer programming. He has won awards in all the events he signed up for lately, including those for digital photography, computer presentations, gaming, webpage design, image manipulation, programming and quizzes.

Wish him luck…

But be prepared to say goodbye, because if Neeraj has his way, it’s off to the US of A to pursue a career in IT.

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