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The ancient town of Varanasi a.k.a Kashi has a unique character. This living, pulsating city is a montage of the multiple emotions of its inhabitants. Nay, the city is a mute witness to the ageless, faceless tableaux of civilisations in different centuries. The play (by Kashinath Singh) exposes the reality behind the momentous socio-economic changes which swept Kashi in the last decade and how its inhabitants were affected by these. Rampant and aggressive globalisation has given birth to perverse greed and wild hypocrisy. The central character of the play becomes the symbol of the country on one hand and epitomises the dishonesty of the religious ambassadors on the other. The play is a telling exposure of the contemporary national scenario. It ends with a disturbing question haunting viewers: Are the forces of globalisation and the spirit of ancient India, as propagated by its advocates, really opposed to each other' Or are they just two sides of the same coin' For the benefits of the chosen few.... This Rangakarmee production is dramatised, designed and directed by Usha Ganguli.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Mahajati Sadan

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