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Atal tries to rein in temple storm
Faced with the threat of an Opposition onslaught in Parliament, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today clarified that his statement last week did not in any way mean abdication of the government’s stand that the Ayodhya dispute should be resolved through a negotiated settlement or a court verdic ...  | Read.. 
Abductor arrested
Police have arrested Ajay Singh from Patna for his involvement in the Atmaram Tekriwal abduction case. ...  | Read.. 
Apang rewards Dolos
The weeklong political drama in Arunachal Pradesh today culminated in old warhorse Gegong Apang’s return to the saddle after four years in the wilderness. ...  | Read.. 
Hansie Cronje murder theory
Disgraced South Africa captain Hansie Cronje, killed in a plane crash last year, might have been murdered, a news report claimed today. ...  | Read.. 
Mystery that got science’s goat
Barren Island puzzle solved: springs, not special kidneys, sustain animals
The goats have been sending the men with goatee on a wild goose chase. ...  | Read.. 
There has been no change in our stand on the Ayodhya issue

BJP put on election alert
A day after deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani floated the idea of simultaneous Lok Sabha and As ...  | Read..
Autonomy for colleges
The government has decided to grant autonomy to several undergraduate colleges, including Presi ...  | Read..
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Building blast kills diamond workers
Thirty-three people, all diamond workers, were killed and 40 injured i ...   | Read.. 
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Bloodspill at clinic in sleep
Gunshots shoved the biggest hospital here out of sleep around three th ...   | Read.. 
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Real battle yet to begin, says Osama aide
An audio tape purportedly from top al Qaida official Ayman al-Zawahri toda ...   | Read.. 
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East Bengal look good vs Vasco
The ground realities at the Salt Lake Stadium have taken precedence ov ...   | Read.. 
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Bribe nets customs man
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested a customs ...   | Read.. 
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Coping with calamity
A terrible flood has hit Assam; hundreds are without food, water and shelter...   | Read.. 
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Beer majors bottle up rancour
Friendship is brewing between the beer Big Daddies. United Breweries ...   | Read.. 
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Florence to fight Italy for David
Michelangelo’s statue of David, already at the centre of a restoration ...   | Read..