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This tragedy was written by William Shakespeare way back in 1602, but it is still very relevant. In this complex play, hubris and haemartia are intertwined with repentance or catharsis and weave a fine tapestry. Set in Medieval Scotland, Macbeth is specific in story and character, but universal in theme. Medieval Scotland. A country at war. Treacherous noblemen, an invading army, an aged king, rumour and counter rumour. From the smoke and devastation of a ruined landscape, three weird sisters emerge with prophecies that will shatter the established order. Passion, murder, bloodshed, betrayal, madness and retribution follow. Chances must be taken and no one is above suspicion. This is a world of recklessness and superstition, where bloody execution brings material rewards. It is alight with violent imagery; it burns with the intensity of love and loathing. And at its epicentre are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth a glamorous couple in turmoil, their desperate ambition and lust for life and glory torn apart by their relentless descent into the depths of darkness and evil. Macbeth is Shakespeare's most compact, fast-paced and powerful tragedy. This Theatre Workshop production is translated and directed by Ashok Mukhopadhay.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Madhusudan Mancha

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