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Kidnap drama to dodge history test

To skip his history unit test, a Class VII student of a city school along with his friends faked an abduction on Monday morning. Twenty-four hours later, he was traced and handed over to his parents.

Suman Ghorai, a resident of the Jorabagan area, was reluctant to take his exams. Somehow his parents persuaded him to go to school. Around 9.30 am on Monday, Suman told his mother that he had to go to his friend’s place to collect some notes for another exam.

So Suman left home and promised to return within 15 minutes. When the boy failed to return home even after 10.30 am, his mother became worried.

Fifteen minutes later, the telephone rang and a male voice on the other side delivered a curt message: “Your son is in our hands and we shall kill him unless you pay us a few lakh rupees by this evening. And don’t try to act smart and inform the police.”

Before disconnecting, the caller said he would ring again to name the place where the kidnapped boy will be delivered and the exact ransom amount. The caller even allowed Suman to speak to his parents. “They are taking me somewhere in a car. Please do something,” Suman pleaded over the phone.

Suman’s parents, however, became suspicious and immediately informed Jorabagan police station.

Late on Monday afternoon, the phone rang and another caller asked the Ghorais to be present near Sahid Minar at Esplanade around midnight to collect their son.

The harried couple along with plainclothesmen arrived on the scene a little before midnight. But no one appeared till 1 am.

Dejected, the Ghorais went back home. However, on Tuesday morning they received a call from a neighbour who had found the boy.

“He was wandering aimlessly when I found him at New Market. I immediately took him back to his parents,” the neighbour told the police.

Deputy commissioner of police, detective department, Soumen Mitra said the boy later confessed to hatching the kidnapping plot along with his friends. “He has now agreed to listen to his parents after a sound thrashing,” he added.

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