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Car carnage rage on US
Caked pools of blood and a bullet hole in the window of Baghdad’s al-Sa’ah restaurant are the only remaining signs of a US raid that killed five Iraqi civilians as they unwittingly drove into a firestorm. ...  | Read.. 
A century of Hope passes away
Bob Hope, who combined perfect timing with classic, self-mocking one-line gags to become America’s most beloved comedian, died peacefully at age 100 with his family at his si ...  | Read.. 
6 militants killed in Saudi crackdown
Six Muslim militants and two policemen were killed today in a fierce firefight with security forces during a crackdown on wanted Islamists, Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry s ...  | Read.. 
Tight neckties can affect vision
Men should think twice about how tight they wear a necktie because it could increase their chances of developing glaucoma, a group of serious eye diseases. ...  | Read.. 
One-year-old Eliza St Pierre of Quebec sleeps in a stroller during a march to protest against a World Trade Organisation meeting in Montreal, Canada. ...  | Read
Political shadow on Manila mutiny
A failed mutiny by 300 Philippine soldiers took on political overtones today as police arrested an ..  | Read.. 
Watergate still ticks
Thirty years after it happened, a former top aide to Richard Nixon says the former President person..  | Read.. 
Tung talks with democrats fail
Embattled Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa and Opposition pro ...  | Read..