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Tanks replace shoppers
Renegade Philippine soldiers barricaded in an upmarket Manila shopping centre ended a 19-hour siege and returned to barracks today, facing court martial charges without resolving any of their grievances. ...  | Read.. 
Burglars, don’t leave your smell behind
Scientists working for French police have perfected a technique for “bottling” smells at the scene of a crime to identify suspects by the odour they leave behind. ...  | Read.. 
Disney to make marketing icon out of Mickey
If you thought Mickey Mouse was already ubiquitous, you ain’t seen nothing yet. ...  | Read.. 
Niger asks Blair for proof
The Prime Minister of Niger has challenged Tony Blair to produce the evidence that he claims proves Saddam Hussein sought to buy uranium from the impoverished African cou ...  | Read.. 
A renegade Philippine soldier signals to his comrades as they take position in Manila’s Makati financial district on Sunday. (Reuters)
Divorce via SMS
Air stunt
Troops raid Baghdad house on Saddam scent
US soldiers from a special unit hunting Saddam Hussein and his top lieutenants staged a bloody raid..  | Read.. 
Meek end to mutiny on Manila mall
The six Indian families staying in the besieged hotel apartment complex in Manila were jolted out o..  | Read.. 
Israel let-off gamble
Israel’s government approved a proposal by Prime Minister A ...  | Read..