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Coke girl clobbered for failed kiss shot

Hyderabad, July 22: Had Aamir Khan been around, Shilpa Shivanand may perhaps have got the kiss right the first time and not got bashed up at all.

Ad girl Shilpa, one of the thirsty threesome for whom Aamir pulled bottles of Coke out of a well, today got clobbered on the sets of Vishnu for not kissing well enough in the very first take of a love scene.

Shilpa was dragged by the hair and slapped by Telugu star-turned-director Mohan Babu after she allegedly bungled the scene with his debutant son. Shilpa’s mother Parveen Sultana also received a few blows when she tried to intervene.

The actress is the sister of well-known Telugu star Sakshi Shivanand. Sakshi flew in from Mumbai this evening after she got wind of the goings-on.

Mohan Babu, who is a former Rajya Sabha MP, also locked up Shilpa and her mother in the guesthouse of Annapurna Studios after the bash-up. He freed them late in the evening after Shilpa gave him in writing that she would turn up for the July 27 shoot.

Sakshi has filed a case against Mohan Babu at Jubilee Hills police station. But no action has yet been taken as he is a close relative of Andhra chief minister . Chandrababu Naidu. The two, who were not on good terms earlier, patched up after the death of Telugu Desam patriarch .T. Rama Rao.

Mohan Babu has denied manhandling the actress. He claimed he had only wanted Shilpa to perform to potential and not give a hackneyed shot.

Sakshi has called up Naidu and requested him to ensure her sister’s safety. Both she and her mother dropped their plans of leaving for Mumbai tonight after spotting Mohan Babu’s goons hanging around at the airport.

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