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Domestic action starts September 10

While seven matches, including the one featuring Mumbai and Baroda will mark the start of the 2003-04 Ranji season, the domestic action will actually begin on September 10 with the Challenger Trophy in Bangalore.

At the weekend, the BCCI released the detailed domestic calendar for the upcoming season. It reads:


Challenger Trophy (Bangalore) Sept 10: India Senior vs India A; Sept 11: India Senior vs India B; Sept 13: India A vs India B; Sept 14: Final.

Irani Trophy (Chennai) Sept 18-22: Mumbai vs Rest of India.

Ranji Trophy Elite group league ties : Round I: Nov 7-10 Group A: Mumbai vs Baroda at Mumbai, Andhra vs Railways at Delhi, Kerala vs Punjab in Kerala, Delhi vs UP at Delhi. Group B: Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka at Bangalore, Bengal vs Rajasthan at Jaipur, Gujarat vs Hyderabad at Ahmedabad.

Round II: Nov 15-18 Group A: Mumbai vs Delhi at Delhi, Baroda vs Andhra at Vadodara, Railways vs Kerala in Kerala, Punjab vs UP at Kanpur. Group B: TN vs Rajasthan at Jaipur, Karnataka vs Bengal at Bangalore, Assam vs Gujarat at Guwahati.

Round III: Nov 23-26 Group B: TN vs Bengal at Chennai, Karnataka vs Rajasthan at Jaipur, Hyderabad vs Assam at Guwahati. Group A: Mumbai vs UP at Kanpur, Baroda vs Punjab at Vadodara, Andhra vs Kerala in Kerala, Railway vs Delhi at Delhi.

Round IV: Dec 1-4 Group A: Mumbai vs Andhra in Andhra, Baroda vs Kerala at Vadodara, Railways vs UP at Kanpur, Punjab vs Delhi in Punjab. Group B: TN vs Gujarat at Ahmedabad, Karnataka vs Hyderabad at Hyderabad, Bengal vs Assam at Calcutta.

ROUND V: Dec 9-12 Group B: TN vs Assam at Chennai, Bengal vs Hyderabad at Calcutta, Gujarat vs Rajasthan in Rajasthan. Group A: Mumbai vs Kerala at Mumbai, Baroda vs Delhi at Vadodara, Andhra vs UP at Kanpur, Railways vs Punjab at Delhi.

ROUND VI: Dec 17-20 Group A: Mumbai vs Railways at Mumbai, Baroda vs UP at Vadodara, Andhra vs Punjab in Punjab, Kerala vs Delhi at Delhi. Group B: TN vs Hyderabad at Hyderabad, Karnataka vs Gujarat at Ahmedabad, Rajasthan vs Assam at Guwahati.

ROUND VII: Dec 25-28 Group B: Karnataka vs Assam at Bangalore, Bengal vs Gujarat at Ahmedabad, Rajasthan vs Hyderabad at Hyderabad. Group A: Mumbai vs Punjab in Punjab, Baroda vs Railways at Vadodara, Andhra vs Delhi in Andhra, Kerala vs UP in Kerala.

Ranji Trophy Plate group league ties

ROUND I: Nov 23-26 Group A: Tripura vs Vidarbha at Tripura, Madhya Pradesh vs Bihar at Jamshedpur, Jammu and Kashmir vs Haryana. Group B: Saurashtra vs Maharashtra at Rajkot, Himachal Pradesh vs Services at Services venue, Goa vs Orissa at Cuttack.

ROUND II: Dec 1-4 Group A: Tripura vs Haryana, Vidarbha vs MP, Bihar vs J&K. Group B: Saurashtra vs HP, Services vs Goa at Goa, Orissa vs Maharashtra.

ROUND III: Dec 9-12 Group A: Tripura vs J&K in J&K, Vidarbha vs Bihar at Nagpur, MP vs Haryana in MP. Group B: Saurashtra vs Services at Services venue, HP vs Orissa at Cuttack, Goa vs Maharashtra at Pune.

ROUND IV: Dec 17-20 Group A: Tripura vs MP at Indore, J&K vs Vidarbha at Nagpur, Bihar vs Haryana at Jamshedpur. Group B: Saurashtra vs Orissa at Cuttack, HP vs Goa in HP, Services vs Maharashtra at Pune.

ROUND V: Dec 25-28 Group A: Tripura vs Bihar at Jamshedpur, Vidarbha vs Haryana in Haryana, MP vs J&K in J&K. Group B: Goa vs Saurashtra in Goa, HP vs Maharashtra at Pune, Services vs Orissa at Services venue.

Deodhar Trophy: Jan 15-31: at East Zone venues.

National one-day meet (with one team from each zone)

Feb 5-11: in Calcutta

Duleep Trophy: Feb 14-Mar 9: (four-day matches) at North Zone venues. (PTI)

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